For Students

There’s a career path for you. The growing demand for trades jobs has opened new windows of opportunity for individuals looking for a construction career in Michigan. From skilled crafts people to designers and management positions, permanent, well-paying construction careers exist in all areas of the industry.

For Educators

Your advice and counsel is critical to students as they graduate and pursue a career. The Michigan construction industry offers ever-evolving, dynamic construction career opportunities for students who want to enter the workforce immediately after high school as well as for those who want to pursue college degrees.

For Parents

As your child's greatest supporter, we recognize that you want what is best for them: to be healthy, happy, and successful, both as children and as adults. As your child receives their high school diploma, we hope you encourage them to explore the many construction careers in Michigan.


About Michigan's Construction Industry

Michigan's construction industry offers you the opportunity to create and build. Construction offers many different types of career paths, from semi-skilled and skilled craft careers covering 18 apprenticeable trades to jobs in management covering a wide scope of activities.  The opportunities for advancement are virtually unlimited, regardless of where you choose to start.



The apprenticeship instructors teach you to work hard, be dedicated to your trade and to take pride in the work you are doing. My apprenticeship has elevated me to a new level. It has brought the good out in me and tests my skill set every day with a new question to answer.

Chris Drinkwine MI BAC Local 2 Apprentice of the Year, 2014


The MLTAI Apprenticeship Program gave me the confidence I needed – after 21 years in heels -- to develop a new set of skills. Today when an apprentice calls or visit Local 355, I try to make my positive attitude just as contagious as my smile.

Cynthia StevensLaborers Local 355 Laborer Apprentice of the Year, 2013


I am a bricklayer. I make a difference. I don’t have a job, instead I have a career. I can say I’m certified and experienced to go on a job site and do what I was trained to do.

Emily WilliamsEmily Williams Refractory Bricklayer Apprentice


Focus, discipline, hardwork and of course having a positive attitude is what help me grow to where I’m at today I’m a business agent here at laborers local 1191 in Detroit.

Jimere MosesJimere Moses 2016 Laborer Apprentice of the Year